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speakingMy passion is to help others reconnect broken relationships, whether it’s that priceless relationship

  • with your child, (who’s moving further and further away from you)
  • with your spouse, (who can’t seem to connect with you anymore) OR
  • with yourself, (not knowing why you think and act the ways you do)

When you understand how to connect from a person’s Core-Thinking™ pattern (their main way of communicating and understanding the world), then you will know exactly how to “be on the same page” they’re on. You’ll know how they interpret your words and where any misunderstandings lurk.


Cohesive relationships that keep growing better and better!

The strategies I share can also be used effectively (and IMMEDIATELY) at home with your spouse and children, and also at work with your students, clients and colleagues.

These Core-Communication™ strategies are so powerful that you can help a child who’s unable to learn a subject actually appreciate and enjoy the topic AND excel at it!


“Awesome! You are such a natural on stage –animated, engaging, funny! Wow!” ~ John Hendershot, videographer

“Lisa, you’re such a good teacher. It was so much fun! I felt like you were just having a conversation with just me, even though the room was full!” ~Dr. Linda Henson, communications consultant


“How Do I Hire You to Speak For Us?”

I’d love to talk with you about your up-coming event and how I could help. You can call my office at 859-887-0876 (Eastern) to discuss your staff needs.

Please note that my material is based on 31 years of proprietary research in communication skills and accelerated learning techniques. I’ve analyzed thousands of conversations based on what word selection creates the highest level of honor and agreement among each core communication type.

My presentations are engaging, interactive, and IMMEDIATELY applicable. I tailor-craft my message directly to the issues your company is facing right now and give practical, usable, effective solutions that are easy to understand.

I’ve made the strategies so easy to use, even a fourth-grader can use them effectively!


Teacher Keynotes

  1. Giving Feedback that Results in Precise and Lasting Learning
    *Eliminate 90% of hesitancy in learning, misunderstanding and confusion in classroom settings! AND motivate students to connect joyfully to their work!
  2. Four Ways to Creating Crystal Clear Communication in the Classroom: How to Motivate Every Student to Learn at His/Her Best
  3. Designing Lessons that Reach Every Student’s Learning Style


Call our office to host a workshop/training in your school. (859) 887-0876  8AM-8PM ET


Parent Keynotes

My topics for keynotes include

  1. Reconnecting with Your Prodigal Son or Daughter
    *Re-establishing communication in a broken relationship
  2. When You and Your Child Clash
    *Eradicate harmful conflict and create positive, growing relationships.
  3. The Secrets to Building Your Child Up
    *Find out the exact words your child needs to hear to believe in himself!

I can help you and your family

  1. create stronger interpersonal skills
  2. learn the easiest and most effective communication strategies
  3. increase joy in your relationships
  4. create more peace in your home
  5. foster greater trust with each other


Call our office to host workshop/training in your area. (859) 887-0876  8AM-8PM ET

“Lisa is a natural born story teller…it’s in her blood! From the first time I took a class from her in 2012, I was captivated by her wit and her ability to instantly “hook” me into her story and then hold my attention for the entire class and then left me wanting more.

“I’ve heard Lisa speak to audiences many times since then and am always amazed at her innate ability to masterfully weave her fun and engaging stories into the messages she’s trying to relate. Lisa has the uncanny talent of knowing how to appeal to and touch the hearts, minds, emotions and spirits of her audiences by speaking in a precise language style, using stories that lets her audience know she “gets them” and truly cares about them.” ~Lorna Morrison, holistic nutritionist

“After taking Lisa’s training, I not only understood the people I work with better, but my husband and I stopped arguing after 31 years! We finally understood each other for the first time.” ~Amy B.

"I have been studying personal growth and development for over 30 years. Lisa Preston's STEP into Destiny™ class brought a whole new dimension to my understanding of human nature. Lisa's caring and honest approach make learning STEP™ quite easy. ~Dr. Lorraine Cassista, creatingmylife.com

"Thank you, Lisa, for creating such an amazing and effective training." ~Leonie Hope

"To say (Lisa's workshop) helped change my life - is putting it mildly. Once I discovered my own unique core patterns, it was a like brilliant light switching on. I would recommend Lisa's workshop to anyone. Easily one of the most important workshops I've ever participated in. Thanks Lisa!" Jean L. Serio LinkedIn Expert and Social Media Strategist

"This class has been one of the most Life Transforming experiences of my life! ~Morgine Jurdan

"The language you use to describe the different types is so powerful.  The entire system is well-developed and the sequence of lessons is very well-structured.  (Your work is) practical, relevant, easy to relate to, and it’s blessed both my social and personal life." ~Deborah Baofeng Wang, PhD, Educational Psychology

"I don’t do this with other people, but when you speak, I feel like I need to write everything down and go back over it again and again. Sometimes I memorize what you say and recall it for later use when I am struggling." ~B. A.

"Lisa Preston’s ability to think “outside the box” sets her work apart from the ordinary. Her writing reflects the wisdom gained through her teaching career…" ~Dyanne McLaughlin, Reading Specialist

Call our office to host a workshop/training in your area. (859) 887-0876  8AM-8PM ET

lorna"From the first time I took a class from Lisa in 2012, I was captivated by her wit and her ability to instantly “hook” me into her story and then hold my attention for the entire class and then left me wanting more." ~ Lorna Morrison

judyk"(Lisa's) Core Brilliance™ work has changed the course of my life, and I mean that literally. Thank you Lisa for your extraordinary research, intuition, and brilliance to bring this work into the world."  ~Judy K Katz, MCC, author, speaker

susanw"There is so much information, ideas, and strategies that I will be listening to these sessions over and over. One of my best investments ever!" ~Susan M. Wright, Life Coach & Author