Learning from the Core

Learning from the Core™  Specialized Learning Programs include

  1. the initial Core Learning Analysis™ (which reveals details about how your child thinks and how to help him achieve his best)
  2. two meetings with your child each week with individually designed lessons unique to your child’s learning needs
  3. weekly Core Learning Analysis™ reports
  4. scheduled parent update meetings (These can be in person or on the phone.)

This specialized, cutting-edge learning program is available only at Think for Success. (We’ve created it based on 31 years of research into communication styles and accelerated learning techniques.)


 Core Learning Analysis™  (5 meetings total, 4 with child, 1 with parent)

  • The Core Learning Analysis™ includes a full analysis of your child’s thinking and learning patterns. You will receive a detailed report on how to help him/her learn more easily.
  • The Core Learning Analysis™ is done over a period of 4 learning sessions. That means while I am tutoring your child, I am also analyzing through his conversation the ways he learns best. I then pull together the information and share a full report with you, in person or on the phone.
  • You can use these specific strategies at home to help your child learn easier and to understand his/her exact ways of thinking. This knowledge will enable you to see problems ahead of time and address them quickly.
  • Parents tell me that knowing this information about their children not only helps them with schoolwork, but brings them closer together as a family as well. Many parents see greater confidence in their children as well as more peace in their homes as a result participating in Learning from the Core™.

Note: The Core Learning Analysis™ is part of the Learning from the Core program. It can also be purchased separately as an add-on to the Summer Tune-Up and Specific Subject Area programs. Core Learning Analysis™ is $325 (which includes first four sessions with your child and the parent meeting).


How do I know if my child is a fit for the Learning from the Core™ program?

  1. Your child is falling behind in school, and you’ve tried numerous strategies to help, but he/she still struggles OR
  1. You want an elite learning program designed for your child by a qualified Core Learning Strategist™.


What’s the investment for the Learning from the Core™ program? 

Core Learning Analysis™ is $325 (which includes first four sessions with your child and the parent meeting)

After the initial analysis, learning sessions with your child start at $425 per month. This includes two meetings per week with your child, weekly written reports and monthly parent meetings.


I’d be delighted to discuss your child’s learning needs and create a plan for success.

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JudiLisa spends an incredible amount of time with each group call, listens to each individual, allows substantive interaction, and provides the model for communicating in the strengths of each core brilliance pattern.

~Judi G. Reid



jeanTo say (Lisa's workshop) helped change my life - is putting it mildly. Once I discovered my own unique core patterns, it was a like brilliant light switching on. I would recommend Lisa's workshop to anyone. Easily one of the most important workshops I've ever participated in. Thanks Lisa!"

~ Jean L. Serio, LinkedIn Expert and Social Media Strategist



Morgine"(Lisa's) class has been one of the most life transforming experiences of my life! ~Morgine Jurdan



joseph"I believe (Lisa's work) is Heaven's Blueprint for solving interpersonal communication problems... cutting-edge research on brain and language patterning. Lisa is a master at communication and relationships." ~  Dr. Joseph Peck