Frequently Asked Questions


Do you just work with children who are struggling in school?
We have classes for all children, including Gifted/Talented courses in Biology, Anatomy/Physiology, Chemistry, Psychology and Entrepreneurship. Each class is individually prepared for your child’s core strengths. (see Core Learning Analysis)


Is your Learning from the Core™ Program just for children? With what age levels do you work?
I work primarily with ages 6 – adults. No one is too told to learn new skills!


How does the Learning from the Core™ program work?
For the first two weeks, I work to identify a child’s Core-Thinking Pattern™ and what specific issues need to be addressed. As I learn more about how your child thinks, I craft our lessons specifically to his/her learning preferences and communication style.

In the full program, every four weeks I meet with parents for a detailed assessment update. You’re given specific strategies to use with your children to help them learn skills faster and easier.


How long is each learning session?
Session times vary with age. A typical lesson for an elementary school child runs 45 minutes. Middle/High school and adult classes may run one hour.


What’s the investment for the learning programs and tutoring?
Please see each individual page for specifics.
Summer Tune Up       Learning from the Core™      Specific Subject Areas


How do I pay?
You can pay conveniently online via debit or credit card. Check is fine as well.


How long will it take before we see results?
Of course, every child is different, and no one can estimate how long it will take for someone to learn a skill. However, with focusing on a child’s specific thinking pattern, we usually begin to see positive results within 4 weeks or less.


Will you work with my child’s schoolteacher?
While Think for Success is an independent business, unrelated to the public school system, I’m happy to contact your child’s teacher to help with skills they’re working on in class. We are a team – you, your child, me, the teacher – all pulling together for learning success.


I’d be delighted to discuss your child’s learning needs and create a plan for success.

Call me now to schedule a free consultation.

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