Lisa Rae PrestonHi, I’m Lisa Rae Preston.

I’m a Learning Strategist. I help children refine their learning skills and make greater progress in school.

When I work with your child, I use my 31 years of research into personality theory, accelerated learning, and the psychology of influence to help your child make new, effective learning connections.


*Teacher 17 years: Kindergarten through fifth grades

I’ve been blessed to teach children in all elementary grades. My specific areas of expertise are writing and reading.

*Leader of STEP Communications™ Brain Patterning Research Team (8 years)

As leader of the STEP Communications research team, I developed specific training programs to help people understand how their loved ones think and how to communicate effectively with them.

We also developed a program for adults with Asperger’s to help them reconnect thinking patterns and experience greater success in daily living.

*Author of Communicating from the Core, Marketing from the Core, Mapping Your Destiny programs, STEP Asperger’s Program for Adults


A Glimpse into the Past

As a toddler – I watched and wondered about people’s reactions to certain scenarios. I wanted to crawl inside their minds and see what they were thinking… to get some clue about their behavior.

Not surprisingly, as an elementary school teacher, I craved the ability to understand my students. Why did some children enjoy the learning process, while others couldn’t seem to motivate themselves at all?

By the time I hit graduate school, I had an inkling as to possible reasons why people reacted differently to the exact same words. I knew that if I could crack the code and figure out how to speak to my students in the exact language running through their minds, I could persuade them to believe in themselves. I could help them learn faster and easier.

I could literally gear feedback to my students in a way that could change their beliefs about their intelligence and strengths.

Fast forward 30 years.

My continued research finally hit the jackpot in 2008. Through thousands of conversations with people about how they processed information, I discovered that there are four unique ways to tap into the heart and brain so that people feel 100% honored and appreciated.

By using my proprietary communication research, I’ve been able to help others learn more easily.

When I work with your child, I use all my experience and understanding of psychology and communication styles to help him/her understand

  1. the information AND
  2. how to learn more easily and effectively

How to Work with Me…

I’d be delighted to discuss your child’s learning needs and create a plan for success.

Call me now to schedule a free consultation.

  • Phone: 859-887-0876 (Eastern)
  • Email: Lisa@ThinkforSuccess.com
  • Mail: Lisa Preston • 804 Richmond Ave.• Nicholasville, KY 40356