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“We saw a big difference in his classwork within two weeks!” ~B.T., classroom teacher

“I’ve never heard him read that well – during his first session with you!" ~A.M., mom

"Lisa takes time to understand the learning style of each child and adapts her teaching accordingly. She pegged my daughters perfectly!" ~ S.P., parent

“(Working with Lisa) saved my relationship with my youngest child!" ~Judy Hansen, mother of 6


Tutoring Services

Is your child struggling in school? Are you afraid he’s “falling through the cracks?”

Whether your child just needs a summer tune-up, help in a specific subject, or if he’s falling behind his classmates, we can help.

At Think for Success, we design the precise programs that connect with your child’s unique thinking style.

This means every lesson is a power-house of learning. Every lesson reaches the part of the brain your child uses most and learns from best.


"I’ve known Lisa for 30 years, and kids love working with her. Lisa has this magic dust she sprinkles on kids and they listen." - J. Horn, principal, Brookside Elementary

Summer Tune-Up

Want to make sure your child doesn’t lose what he’s learned over the summer? Give him that added boost so he’s ready to take charge in the next grade. Read more.

Struggling In School

If your child is struggling in reading, writing, or math, then she’s falling behind. With our Core Learning Analysis™, we analyze your child’s strengths and needs and construct a learning program specifically for his/her success. Read more.

Specific Subject Areas

If your child is having difficulty in a certain subject, then tutoring can help him get back on target. Read more.


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“We saw a big difference in his classwork within two weeks!” ~B.T. classroom teacher 

“I’ve never heard him read that well – during his first session with you!” ~A.M. mom

"Lisa, I wish I'd had your information 20 years ago - it would have saved countless tears and frustrations! There is no question that your program saved my relationship with my youngest child... Bless you!" ~Judy Hansen, author

"Your friendly, clear, get-it-done style made it pleasant to work with you, and your invitation to contact you with any questions that may come up brought me peace of mind." Chiwah Carol Slater, ghostwriter

"Creating a connection with children helps them learn. I’ve never had anyone be able to bring out my son’s personality as much as Lisa – people don’t usually get him to open up. She’s a creative genius. She had him laughing and hanging out waiting for a chance to talk to her. I’ve never seen him do that with anybody before or since." ~Marnie Marcus, best-selling author

"My 9-year-old daughter listens to Lisa’s audio recordings before bed!" ~Amy W. homeschooling mom

"Working with Lisa was an inspirational experience. I felt as if we had been working together all our lives. She made everything seem doable and illustrated her points with outlines and examples. She is patient and takes as much time as necessary to produce understanding."  Richard Wescott and Nancy Green

"Lisa's deep knowledge of the four core types and her extensive research on human behavior should be used in every teaching institution in the country." ~Denise Wade Ph.D.omeschooling mom

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